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ATBMX is All Terrain Bicycle Motocross
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ATBMX takes up where bmx and mountain biking leave off. Since its' beginnings in the 70's, bmx has been looked upon as a juvenile sport. Even the big bike manufacturers list their bmx bikes as juvenile in their catalogs. Until recently bmx has been primarily a kids' sport and has had to battle with other forms of cycling for popularity. Now Dads are getting back into bmx with their kids and pros are riding longer, so the average age is going up. And, bmx riders have grown up and are riding mountain bikes.

Enter the mountain bike or all terrain bike. Somewhere in the early to mid-eighties mountain bikes made their debut and another sport was born. Most of the guys riding these bikes then were older, or at least young adults. Or were roadies looking for another outlet to spin their gears? Today there is still a large gap between the two types of riders.

BMX eventually declined and then revitalized itself into a marketable freestyle sport. Mountain biking has also experienced some lean years and is gaining in popularity again. Thriving on the popularity of bmx/freestyle and the mass media coverage, mountain biking is enjoying a resurgence, but as a slightly different sport. The newest versions of the sport have many names including freeride, urban assault, 4x, mountaincross and downhill bmx. We've come up with our own version or name and hope that it will suit most everyone.

ATBMX is simply a combination of all terrain and bicycle motocross. Since not every state enjoys mountains, how can you hold a mountain bike race in Florida? And since many of the guys racing mountaincross have at one time raced bmx bikes, it is inevitable that the sports would merge. Many of the big names in freeride are also bmx riders making the switch over to the big wheels. One thing is for sure, with the crossing of bmx and mountain bikes there is going to be some down and dirty competition. Let's keep it positive and enjoy the togetherness as we share the ride! ed

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ATBMX is All Terrain Bicycle Motocross and Freeride Mountain Biking
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