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The bmx video has changed the way we look at bmx. Starting with the early Hoffman videos, Mat Hoffman blew minds. These classic videos are still available as well as many other formats. Bicycle Motocross has evolved into BMX freestyle and the bmx video is pushing the sport.

On this page you'll find FREE BMX video clips, reviews of  videos and online shopping. You can shop for new and used bmx videos from the comfort of your home with the click of your mouse.

BMX video producers took careful notes from their skateboard counterparts and have developed the bmx video industry into a thriving market. Team videos, bike company videos and video magazines are all available today in many forms.

You can also view bmx video clips from uncountable websites on the internet. There's also video games featuring today's top pro athletes. Today with the advent of desktop video and the digital camera, kids everywhere are documenting their favorite pastime and producing quality flicks.

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FREE BMX Video Clips

The following video files are offered to you Free of charge. Watch them, pass them on, and contribute your own clips to our library. This page will be updated regularly with your support. A DVD will be available soon containing more complete coverage. If you would like to obtain the DVD or contribute clips, email us at You will need a video player that plays QuickTime and Windows Media Files. Some files may take longer to download than others depending on web traffic your web connection and the size of the file.  FOR BETTER PLAYBACK, PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE FILES.
 mac - Click     win-Right Click "save target as"
Dave Mirra mp4 QuickTime required
Mike Parenti mp4 QuickTime required
Lance Mosley mp4 QuickTime required
Vic Murphy mp4 QuickTime required
Reuel Erikson mp4 QuickTime required
Mark Mulville wmv Windows Media Player

Premium BMX Video Clips $3 each

Mat Hoffman and Jay Miron
mp4 QuickTime required
What Jay Miron calls
"the run of my life."
Instant Download

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Vans Triple Crown Main
mp4 QuickTime required
Mountain High, CA
VTC Finals Main Transit 2
Instant Download

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Stephen Murray
mp4 QuickTime required
Stephen Murray Interview and section from Transit 4
Instant Download

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Proceeds go to
Stephen Murray Stay Strong Fund



Classic BMX Magazines

The links below will take you to pages that contain my personal collection of classic bmx magazines. When I was a kid this is what kept me going. You may remember some of these, I hope so. They may be up for bid in the near future under the ebay userid: xxx_sports If you are interested contact me. Enjoy! bp

BMXA Magazine

BMX Plus Magazine

In memory of the late Colin Winkleman, here's a world record jump for you.





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